I know I promised these photos from the 2012 Chicago Auto Show over a week ago but I really haven’t been up to being online lately. I’m just getting over a sinus infection and it has kept me tired for two weeks now. I’m finally feeling back to normal (whatever that may be).

Here are a just a few of the photos I took. You probably notice that these photos are more detail shots of the cars. I’m going through a phase where I love the detailed and close up shots (also called macro). In my photo sessions, I try not to overdo it with the detail shots but I can get swept up sometimes.

I had to include the Corvette because that’s Eric’s favorite car and the Challenger because that’s my favorite car – for the moment.

I hope you were able to visit the auto show while it was in town. If so, did you see a car you just had to have?

2012 Chicago Auto Show

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