Serenity & Anthony met about 7 years ago while Serenity was at school in Macomb, IL. At the time, Anthony worked overnights and Serenity was an insomniac, so a friend thought they would be good for each other. They officially met at a late-night cookout at a friend’s house, where we sat on the porch and shared their strange views on the world. From then on, they would go on walks on the quiet back roads of Macomb, talking until they would get too tired.
When Anthony proposed, it was simple and personal, and so very Anthony. Having been on opposite schedules for at least a year, Serenity & Anthony had taken a trip to attend Spring Wars, an event for Belegarth, a medieval foam fighting sport. Exhausted from having worked late the night before, she came home and promptly fell asleep. Around 1:30 in the morning, she woke up and went to get ready for bed. When she came back to the bedroom, Anthony was waiting with an odd look on his face. Anthony looked at Serenity and said, “Should I? Now? Yeah, I think I should…Will you marry me?” She stared at him in disbelief, and replied “Are you sure? Are you really sure?” and he got down on one knee and asked again before he finally got his yes!
Serenity didn’t want Anthony to spend too much on a ring because she doesn’t wear much jewelry and she is terrified of losing it. Anthony chose a simple, timeless ring because they believe the little moments matter more than the big ones, and they’re all an adventure!

Anthony & Serenity chose a library for their Engagement Session because books are important to both of them. Serenity has been a reader since she was very little, and Anthony often shares stories of his family since they traveled from place to place while his father was in the military. Serenity picked the Black Road Library in Joliet, IL because being surrounded by books felt like home.

When preparing for your Engagement Session, Serenity suggests, “Be yourselves. Your photographer knows all the techniques they need to find your best sides, you just need to be yourselves and have fun with it.”

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