I know I am going to get some questions on how I got this image. So I wanted to take some time to educate my friends on how this image came to be. I had been waiting to use this new prop for quite some time. You have to have the perfectly sleepy baby for it because their is some difficulty involved and Baby Autumn was so good.

This is what we call a “composite shot.” As you can tell, the original image is much different than the finished image. It is so important to ALWAYS have the safety of the newborn in mind. This is why Autumn’s dad is supporting her in the original image. During post production, I remove Dad and add some effects and “voila” – we have peaceful Autumn in the hammock alone. ***Side note… Do not try this is on your own. There is so much that goes into an image like this.***

And a special shout-out to my dad for making me this cute hammock stand. I find it so fitting that my dad made this for me and Autumn’s dad is helping make this beautiful image for her. Awww!

Chicago_Wedding_Photographers_Dutch _Girl_Photography_0092 copy


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