Hi… I’m Sarah! I hope you won’t mind if I greet you with a hug. {Insert hug here} I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your story. Stories are why I love photography. We each have our own unique story and it’s my honor to document a part of yours.

My love story begins when I met my husband, Eric, in high school. We started dating our freshman year and I anxiously waited for him to propose for 10 years before I finally proposed to him – with a spreadsheet! I know… so romantic! While it isn’t the most perfect proposal story, it’s ours and we love it nonetheless.



Prior to getting married, we spent the majority of those 10 years taking drives on the backroads dreaming of what our future would be like. We dreamed of owning our own businesses, traveling everywhere from Disney World to Venice, and raising our family on Eric’s family farm. But just like our path to getting married, these dreams take time.

The dream of starting our own businesses were more successful than our attempt to start a family. It took us 3 years of heartbreaking infertility treatments before we welcomed our daughter, Claire. Though she made quite a dramatic entrance, she is perfect in every way and a new chapter to our love story has begun.

Now, Eric and I plan our next big dreams over quiet lunch dates and our next travel adventures over family dinners.