iPhone Photography Tips

Using an iPhone as a camera is one of the quickest and easiest ways to document your life, and especially your children. In fact, the iPhone camera is the most widely used camera today. If you’re an iPhone camera user, you will love these quick tips to help you get better photos and usage out of your device, and if you don’t use the iPhone camera, a few of these tips will still be helpful for you.

Tip 1 – Take and use it everywhere. If you question whether or not you should grab a photo of something, just do it! You can always trash it later, but you’ll be grateful for the moments you’ve caught.

Tip 2 – Capture the small details as well as the whole picture. For example, at a party, stand back and take a picture of the whole event, then move in for shots of the party goers, and move in again for pictures of the cake, the candles, and the little hands opening the gifts.

Tip 3 – Walk up closer rather than zoom in. While the iPhone has a great zoom feature, you will always have a better quality image if you physically move your body closer to your subject rather than using your zoom.

Tip 4 – Use the blue square to lock your focus and exposure. This is a fantastic tool! If your image looks too dark, then simply press your finger on the touch screen in a darker part of the image and hold it. The iPhone will adjust the exposure for that spot. Hold your finger there for 3 seconds, and the exposure and focus will lock.

Tip 5 – Hold the camera horizontal for video. If you hold it vertically, your uploaded video will come in sideways, requiring you to turn your head for optimal viewing. Ouch!


Article courtesy of Photo Business Tools.

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