Ok, here I go… my (not-so) grand entrance into the blogosphere! I’m first going to tell you that I hate writing. I try too hard to be smart, witty, and creative and I usually just end up sounding like an idiot. So why am I doing this? I want to share with you the adventures of my business – Dutch Girl Photography.

I’m currently on Facebook (who isn’t) where I showcase my photo sessions. There are so many times that I want to go in depth about a photo shoot:

  • Why I was standing/sitting in that spot to get a particular shot
  • How I got the crying 3 year to actually “look” happy
  • How I convinced a lovely couple to tolerate the frigid temps to create a fabulous photo shoot
  • How I edit photos

I also want to share in the trials and tribulations about owning a small business. If you have ever owned or managed a business, it’s not as easy as making up a name and handing out business cards. My husband, Eric, and I are entrepreneurs at heart. He started his own business in 2006 (shameless plug: Peterson Computer Consulting website and Facebook) and has been very successful.

I will most likely throw some general postings about myself in here too so you can get a better idea of who I am.

Please feel free to comment and insights as we go along. Thanks for reading!

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