People have a tendency to think when you are a photographer that you know everything about cameras and pictures. I get asked two questions a lot: 1) Can you give me recommendations on a good camera? 2) How should I organize/store all my photos? I feel both of these are loaded questions because it really comes down to whatever you are comfortable with. I’m not going to address the camera question in this post but I have found something that works for me for organizing our family photos: Chatbooks. We just finished our second year with Chatbooks and I LOVE them, which prompted me to sit down and write this post.

If you’ve been to my studio, you know I’m a traditionalist when it comes to prints. I believe photos should be printed and preserved but in this fast-paced technologically-advanced society, it can seem overwhelming to keep up with all the photos we take on our cell phones. Chatbooks make it easy! If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure an ad has popped up for them at some point. I’m not going to go into all the ways they make it easy or give you a tutorial but I will show you how we make it work for us.

Now that we are parents, we take A LOT of pictures. When I take a picture that I want to save to my Chatbooks, I “favorite” it on my iPhone (tap the heart icon at the bottom). In Chatbooks, I have my “current year” series set up so any photo I favorite is uploaded to this series. My husband’s favorite photos are also synced to the series so his photos are added too.

When I open the Chatbooks app on my phone, my photos automatically sync. Each book in a series holds 60 images and once a book is complete, I have my settings enabled for the book to go to print. The app gives me 3 days to make any changes to the book before it is printed. This is helpful because sometimes my husband and I have the same photo favorited and I can choose to exclude it. The app also automatically selects the first image in the book as the book’s cover but I usually change it.

Something else I love about Chatbooks is the ability to upload pictures I’ve taken with my Canon camera to our books. Since I regularly take my daughter’s photo with my “nice” camera, this feature allows me to include those images.

There is so much more you can do with Chatbooks! You can have multiple book series going at the same time and make custom albums (not just books series). Plus within each book series, the settings give you a lot of customization.

If you think Chatbooks is something you might be interested in, check them out. When you sign up, you will get your first book FREE in your first series.

FYI: This review is intended to be helpful information to my clients. I am not getting paid to write this review or endorse this product. The links provided in this post are referral links.

Sarah Peterson is owner and principal photographer for Dutch Girl Photography in Morris, Illinois. Dutch Girl Photography are Northern Illinois Wedding Photographers and Chicago Wedding Photographers serving all of northern Illinois. Dutch Girl Photography also photographs maternity, newborn, and baby clients as a Chicago Baby Photographer.

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