During the past year or so Laurie Stone, owner of Three Wells Acupuncture, has had local artisans display their work in her office. About a month ago, she approached me to display some of my photographs. I feel so honored to have a peer recognize my work and ask to showcase it for her clients. I also LOVE how eager she is to help other small businesses grow and how she has opened up her office to us! {I could go off on a tangent and tell you how wonderful small business owners are and how they always want to help each other and how important it is to support your local economy – but I’ll save the spiel.}

Below are a couple of the photos I have on display at Laurie’s. The photos will be displayed for a few months. To view all of them, stop by and see Laurie’s office. Three Wells Acupuncture is located at 105 E. Main Street, Suite 303, Morris, IL 60450. Visit her Facebook page too! And if you haven’t given acupuncture a try, I encourage you to try it. Laurie is one of the sweetest, gentlest people you will ever meet. She makes what would seem like a scary experience (getting needles stuck into you) into a relaxing time. It’s true! Visit her website or give her a call at 815.942.2580.

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