A few weeks ago Eric and I had our 14 year old nephews over for the weekend. One of our discussions was them telling us what they thought we were good at. Of course, they told Eric he was good with computers and I was good at photography but they also said that I know fashion! At first this took me by surprise because I think of myself as one of the least fashionable people I know. I definitely have my own personal style but I think of it as eclectic and one that will not be gracing a cover of a fashion magazine any time soon.

I mulled this comment over for about a day when I realized that they could be right. Earlier that day I was telling the boys how they should dress to go on a date because girls like it when a guy dresses nice (at the moment the boys are in this t-shirt and athletic pants phase). This conversation is probably why they think I’m good at fashion but it got me thinking that I am constantly asked by clients about what they should wear for pictures. When this question comes up, I refer my clients to this awesome blog post from another photographer, Lina Jarmond. Lina has a great visual reference for color schemes and outfits. She also has some other great references under the “What to Wear Guide” section on her blog.

P.S. If the blog link is not there, please contact me and I can send you the information too.

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